Document Authentication

Witnessing of Document Signing and Document Authentication Services

When you are setting up a new Singapore Company, signing an agreement, or applying for a Singapore Visa, your signature and corporate or private documents may need to be authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths to ensure the documents’ legality in Singapore.

Such documents might include:

Power of Attorney

Proof of Identity

Residential Address

Shareholder Agreements

Commercial Contracts

Marriage or Educational Certificates

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The Commissioner of Oaths’ services encompass the witnessing and attesting of the signing of your documents (Eg: An agreement or a declaration) and/or certifying your documents as originals with the production of a “certified true copy”.

You must be physically present in front of the Commissioner of Oaths for the signing of your documents if you want them to be formally witnessed and attested, and for a likeness between you and your passport photo to be confirmed.

Time Frame

Documents can only be certified, on the spot, by the Commissioner of Oaths, by prior appointment. Our associate law firm is conveniently located within our office building. Appointments for Commissioner of Oaths services can usually be arranged at short notice.


The cost per document to be certified as a True Copy is S$20.00.

The estimated cost for witnessing the signing of a document is based on S$125.00 for the first page/document (which includes the appointment with the Commissioner of Oaths), depending on the nature of the document and whether the Commissioner of Oaths is also required to attest to the verity of a document. Subsequent signatures/documents to be witnessed (Requiring the Commissioner’s stamp of endorsement) will be charged at S$25.00.

Commissioner of Oaths Rates are fixed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law.

Notary Public Rates are fixed and set out under the First Schedule of the Notaries Public Rules.

All fees quoted exclude 7% GST.

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Document Legalisation for Overseas Use

Is your document intended for overseas use? If so, it will need to be notarized and, for most cases, legalized by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the foreign jurisdiction’s Embassy or Consulate in Singapore/nearest city.


For a reasonable fee, our team can take care of this entire process for you accurately and efficiently – including queueing at the Embassy! Why pay the lawyers more than you need to? Except for the first step (notarization of your document), you can save on legal fees by letting us do the legwork.

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