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Document Notarisation Services

Let us take care of all your document preparation and legalisation requirements – including queuing at your Embassy – quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Our team is experienced in handling every stage of the document legalisation process, ensuring that your corporate and private documents are legally recognised abroad.

Whether you or your Company are entering into a cross-border commercial contract, investing in foreign assets, or expanding your organisation overseas (i.e. entering into a joint venture or setting up a foreign branch office/subsidiary), the original documents approving these activities must be notarised by a Notary Public.

A Notary Public is a registered lawyer or law firm who is permitted to issue Notarial Certificates for documents intended for overseas use, and who can also certify true copies of a sighted original document in a foreign language.

A Notarial Certificate provides assurance to foreign recipients/requestors that a document, originally produced, signed and/or sighted in Singapore, has been deemed authentic by a registered Singapore Lawyer and Notary Public.

The Notary Public is also responsible for filing a record of each Notarial Certificate issued with the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), referencing their professional number.

Need further endorsement?

Sometimes a client or a banking institution requires further proof of authenticity, and ask for your documents to be legalised by the embassy or consulate.

Embassy legalisation

However, even with the SAL’s endorsement, the foreign party for whom the documents are intended may still seek further assurance of a document’s validity and verity. In this case, the documents may need to be legalised by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the foreign party’s Embassy in Singapore.

Over the years, we have forged good relationships with Notary Publics and numerous Embassies. Our personal involvement in handling each legalisation assignment ensures that any issues or errors with the documents are immediately highlighted and remedied.

If you require legalisation of your documents at any of the Embassies or Consulates in Singapore. Give our professional document legalisation team a call.

Time Frame

Documents are given to the Notary Public for notarisation. Depending on the number of documents involved, the Notarial Certificate(s) for the original document(s) can typically be issued the following day (i.e. one business day later).

If you require witnessing and attesting of the signing of documents (e.g. a contract, Power of Attorney), or certification of your passport/documents as originals and as true copies, you will need to be present for this step.

Our associate law firm is conveniently located next door to our office, and appointments for Notary Services can usually be arranged at short notice.


The estimated cost per page to be Notarised starts from $20.00.

If you require the signing of your documents to be witnessed prior to notarisation, the fee starts from $40.00 per page, depending on the nature of the document and whether the Notary Public is also required to attest to the verity, as well as witnessing the signing, of a document.

Facilitation and appointment booking/attendance fee – A flat fee of $125 for the first page/document which includes an appointment with the Notary Public.

Commissioner of Oaths Rates are fixed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law.

All fees quoted exclude 7% GST.

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