Embassy & Consulate Legalisation

Document Legalisation by Embassy or Consulate

The 4-STep Process

Documents are given to the Notary Public for notarisation. Depending on the number of documents involved, the Notarial Certificate(s) for the original document(s) can typically be issued the next following day.

Documents are submitted to the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) for certification. (Here, the SAL will certify that the Notary Public who has issued the Notarial Certificate is authorised to do so.)

Documents are presented to the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for legalisation.

The notarised and legalised documents are delivered to the relevant Embassy, Consulate, or High Commissioner's Office for further endorsement/legalisation.

Time Frame

It takes about seven (7) working days to process the authentication of your documents for use abroad– from receipt of the documents until an Embassy’s endorsement.

Following notarisation by a Singapore Notary Public, the documents must be certified and legalised by two different government bodies: the Singapore Academy of Law and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally, they are ready to be endorsed by the relevant Embassy for use in the destination country.


Legalisation of documents by Embassies or Consulates can be rather costly because it is a multi-step process. Firstly, the documents have to be notarised by the notary public and then and after that, they have to be certified by the SAL and MFA before going to the embassy or consular office for attestation. Please contact us for an indicative cost quote for this service.

The cost per page to be notarised starts from S$20.00 but if you require the signing of your documents to be witnessed prior to notarisation, this is an additional fee of S$40.00 per page (depending on the nature of the document). For all notarised document, the Notary Public is required to issue a notarial certificate and the fee for this notarial certificate is S$75.00.

If you require the signing of your documents to be witnessed prior to notarisation, the fee starts from $40.00 per page, depending on the nature of the document and whether the Notary Public is also required to attest to the verity, as well as witnessing the signing, of a document.

Facilitation and appointment booking/attendance fee – A flat fee of S$125.00 for the first page/document which includes an appointment with the Notary Public.

Fees for Certification of the Notarised documents by the SAL and MFA vary, depending on the number of pages. There is also a separate fee payable to the Embassy and the fee varies with the different Embassy or Consular Office.

All out of pocket expenses for trips to SAL, MFA and the Embassy or Consular Office will be charged as incurred.

Commissioner of Oaths Rates are fixed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law.

Notary Public Rates are fixed and set out under the First Schedule of the Notaries Public Rules.

All fees quoted exclude 7% GST.

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