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Whether you are investing in a new venture or partnership, entering into a commercial contract or loan, or hiring a new manager, it is important to have a legally valid agreement in place. No-one enters a relationship expecting it to fail, but it is better to be safe than sorry. For peace of mind, why not engage us to conduct an independent review of your critical business documents.

We have the cross-disciplinary experience and competence to review a variety of documents, including: shareholders’ agreements, JV/partnership agreements, commercial contracts, and employment contracts for your key personnel.

Our corporate secretarial team is familiar with the salient points of a shares subscription agreement, amendments to the Company’s constitution, and the requisite documentation to convene annual and general meetings. Additionally, our in-house legal counsel has more than two decades of experience in commercial law and litigation, and has worked as a solicitor for major Singapore law firms. Working together with our team of accountants, we have a robust infrastructure to review your documents from both a legal and commercial standpoint.

Need help drafting or reviewing your company's official documents?

Our corporate secretarial team and legal counsel are here to assist you! Contact us or request an appointment.

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Time Frame

Document review services involve a detailed process of proof-reading and fact-checking. The time needed to complete an assignment depends on the type and length of a particular agreement/contract, or resolution; and whether the document has been drafted from scratch, or has been customised from a template. Also, whether any changes to a template have compromised the integrity of the document.

Please note: Before accepting and embarking on any document review work, we will first need to establish that the proposed activities/transactions are lawful and identify the parties involved.


We offer document review services at pocket-friendly rates. To request for a quote, please click here! We will send you a secure email requesting you to send on a sample or copy of the documents which require our review. After looking through your documents, we will provide you with an estimated fee and time frame for the work.

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